VTC Partnership

Are you a VTC or a passenger transport professional?

EcoWay GmbH in partnership with Moov’in Cab offers VTC drivers a new 100% electric vehicle from the SERES brand.
The SERES 3 is an SUV that perfectly meets the needs of VTC drivers to provide pleasant, ecological and economical service to demanding customers.

The SERES 3 is:

  • A spacious and comfortable vehicle
  • A range of 329 km (WPLT standard) which allows a day of use without recharging
  • A new generation battery (NCM Batterie) guaranteed for 8 years
  • The possibility of a quick charge to 80% in 30 to 40 minutes (8 hours with a Wallbox)
  • A power of 120KW (163 hp)
  • A spacious 580-liter trunk
  • Limited maintenance cost
  • Monthly savings of up to € 600
  • Purchasing aid of up to € 13,000
  • Free registration card, no ecological penalty
  • Free parking in Paris
  • A vehicle valid for 10 years for the VTC activity

Faced with the economic and environmental context, it is essential to quickly turn to electricity.
For this, the SERES 3 SUV is the ideal tool for professionals.
For all information, including financing terms, go to moovin.cab or contact SERES directly on 06 41 66 16 55.

For the installation of Wallbox you can benefit from an ADVENIR Premium, which can go up to 40% of the bill, up to € 940.

You can find the necessary information and administrative help from our partners, a professional team  entrepreneur.fr

If necessary contact SERES

Detailed terms and conditions

Le partenaire financier pour les chauffeurs VTC avec la possibilité de prêt jusqu’à 10000€


Portable 06 41 66 16 55

Bureau 01 87 44 60 59

Moov’in Cab
44 rue Sadi Carnot, 93300 Aubervilliers