Which charging equipment to choose?

The standard cable supplied with the SERES 3 is charging in a conventional household outlet or on Wallbox 22 kW AC. The fastest chargers are public chargers, which is also suitable vehicle SERES 3. Applications will help you find public stations nearby.

What is the capacity of the battery and its autonomy?

The battery capacity is 53kwh. The autonomy of the vehicle is 300 km according to the approval.

* Actual battery life depends on a combination of factors: the driving style, weather conditions, topography, speed, etc.

Does the vision camera 360 is installed on SERES 3 series?

The vision camera 360 is installed on the vehicle SERES 3 Luxury release.

What type of screen has the vehicle SERES 3? Is it safe in case of accidents?

The SERES 3 vehicle has a 10-inch LCD screen. This new integrated technology provides a high protection to all persons in the vehicle in case of accident.

Who is the manufacturer of the Seres brand of cars?

Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. ( « Dongfeng Company » for short) is a very large car company directly managed by the central government and founded in 1968.

Headquartered in Wuhan, with a turnover in 2018 of € 74 billion and over 160,000 employees.
The main business of Dongfeng covers a full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, new energy vehicles, military vehicles, automotive equipment, etc.

DongFeng has created an innovative research center in the field of cars to develop intelligent and environmentally friendly cars at a time.
Grabbing the trend of development and integration of the Internet in the automotive industry, the gradual deployment of smart cars Network, Dong Feng launched the new range of 100% electric cars Seres.

Dongfeng insists open development and actively participates in international cooperation.
At present, there is extensive cooperation with international automakers such as PSA French, the Japanese Nissan, Honda Japanese, South Korean Hyundai Kia, Volvo Swedish and French Renault.

What type of battery is used on vehicles Seres?

On SERES vehicles we have introduced a new generation battery, it is NCM Batterie (lithium ion iron phosphate).