Who are we?
Our mission is to make your life bette

EcoWay has been operating successfully in the European, German market since 2017.

The company carries out its operational activities in France in the field of passenger transport via the 2Way. We have a large portfolio of partners, a fleet of vehicles and an administrative office in the Greater Paris region.

In view of the global changes taking place in the field of transport throughout the European Union, towards the use of electric vehicles, EcoWay GmbH, in collaboration with the international automobile company SERES, presents new electric cars on the French market generation SERES-3, SERES-5.

Our mission is to make your life better.

We offer more than just an electric vehicle. This new generation connected object is now on the road to expand your digital experience and make your travels as pleasant as possible! We put your comfort and your desires at the heart of our concerns.

Seres is scientific research and innovative creations, cutting-edge engineering combined with the most recent production.

All this to create a product that will bring you comfort and a new standard of living while respecting the environment.

SERES was founded in January 2016 in Silicon Valley (USA) by John Zhang, in close collaboration with Martin Eberhard, co-founder and former CEO of Tesla. The start-up is owned by the Chinese automobile company Dongfeng Sokon. The company’s main partners are Bosch, Nvidia and Samsung, as well as Chinese internet giants Baidu and Alibaba.

SERES is the developer of a battery system and different types of motors. It is distinguished by its global production capacities. The cars are manufactured in Chongqing (China) and at the former Hummer factory in Mischoshaka (Indiana, USA).

To create a high-performance, highly intelligent, high-quality 4-wheel drive electric SUV, the modern manufacturing base of SERES is indispensable. SERES SF5 is manufactured by world-class Chinese enterprise, Chongqing Jinkang Liangjiang Smart Factory, which has partnered with a large number of leading hardware developers and system integrators all over the world, and adopts the Industry 4.0 as a production standard to ensure the consistent quality of SERES SF5 products.

Chongqing Jinkang Liangjiang Smart Factory is a modern factory in the most demanding standards of the world’s largest enterprises. German technologies used for the production of luxury cars, use of more than 1000 robots in production which ensure 100% automation of key processes, 100% online control throughout the working day ensure production precision and the quality of the product.

From an advanced production, the SERES SF5 has a unique design of so-called “triboelectric level” double battery protection, which not only reduces the overall battery volume, but also reduces the risk of battery failure, while providing underwater protection, more than 40 active and passive safety configurations.

You have to love your car. SERES electric vehicles are designed to handle what you need while driving, such as safety you can count on, features you don’t need to think about, and performance for a pleasant, comfortable and quiet ride.

If you are ready to be ahead of the times, if comfort is not just a word for you, but a daily desire, then we will work for you!